Saturday, 8 January 2011

Bakers Boy Hat

News boy cap. Twiggy Hat.
Bakers boy hat

News boy cap
This is a bakers boy hat, news boy cap or twiggy hat, call it what you will. I knitted this a couple of months ago in a brown yarn I hate. Its not so much the colour I hate or the type of yarn, its just that this yarn was given to me when I first started to learn to knit so has some frustrating memories for me. I used the brown yarn because it was only a practise knit.
Bakers Boy Hat

   I knew the sort of style of hat I wanted but didn't know its name so it took me ages to find a pattern for it. In the end I paid for a pattern as I couldn't find any good ones on the net.
Bakers Boy Hat
   Its a really simple pattern to follow and amazingly fast to knit, about 6 hours. I made another bakers boy hat for a Christmas present that I started on Christmas eve and managed to finish in time.
News Boy Cap
   I made a small/big mistake in the first news boy cap by not following the pattern correctly and using a different increase method than the one stated. To this day I'm still not sure why but the increases kept throwing the number of stitches off. Soon got it back on track by using the increase method stated in the pattern.
Bakers Boy Hat
   I'm very happy with the way the bakers boy hat turned out, its a fun, funky fast knit project.
  Have a great weekend folks.

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