Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Slowly getting there

   Managed to get about an hours worth of knitting in plus an extra few rows here and there yesterday. Another hour or two and I think the scarf will be finished. I did promise to give it my sister when it was done but I might hold on to it until next Christmas, which would mean I'd of made a start on next years Christmas presents. She did get a bakers boy hat off me for Christmas so I think she can wait.

   Looking at the weather, keeps going bright to dark with a slight wind but pretty warm. I don't think its going to rain so I might get the bbq out in a little while. Just for a couple of burgers, I really want to test this new bucket bbq. Just got some lettuce, think next year I'm going to try and grow lettuce all year round. You can buy winter hardy types and I can always grew them on the window ledge indoors.

  Thinking of my next knitting project, I did promise to do a baby blanket but might do something smaller first. Sort of take a break from the bigger projects. I really want to do something on the loom too that ends up as a fully finished object so need to buy some yarn for that, maybe some cotton or I might go crazy again and try for a scarf.
   I also need to get some more fleece and have a real go with the carder, maybe some blending as well. Got to get back into spinning, hardly done any since Christmas.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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