Thursday, 6 January 2011

Vertical Limits?

  Trying to weave mohair using a heddle is hard work, sort of like dragging a comb through hair after someones stuck bubblegum in it. I gave up after a few rows but did use what was there to try out a small vertical row. Seems I might of figured it out after all and was right yesterday.
   I need to go through my odd yarns and see what colours I have, I don't think I have anything that would do well as a tartan colour apart from the mohair and thats no good with the heddle. I do have pink, yellow and I think white double knit, also some blue, purple and reddish crinkly double knit. I'll have a play later.

  Going to brew up some mild today, I got a different type this time to try out. Hope its as good as the last lot. I'm not a mild drinker usually but was very impressed with the last lot I brewed. I've fallen behind with my brewing lately, only have a few bottles of bitter left and the mild will take around three weeks before its drinkable.

  Looks like its going to snow within the next 24 hours, a lot heavier than the small amount we got on Tuesday. I'll ring the local calor gas place today to see if they sell paraffin, if not I'll have to order it online or try and talk my sister into picking me some up. I have enough for now but if my main heating system were to break I'd soon run out, can't have that.

  I didn't order the fleece, I'll do that today. I also want to order an Afro comb for weaving, think it will be helpful on smaller pieces but bigger than a fork.

  That's enough of my rambling, have a great day and take care.

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