Friday, 7 January 2011

Virgin Tracks

    Woke up to about an inch of snow with the snow still falling hard while I was walking the dog. I must of been the first one out in it as there wasn't a footprint to be seen anywhere. Theres something very satisfying about walking across a field covered in unblemished snow. I'll never be able to walk where no man has walked before, leaving virgin tracks in the snow is the closest I can get.

  The snow is melting pretty fast, its already kind of slushy a few hours later. Just got back from the shops, bought my self a new hat and very small wind up LED light. I have a small head and its hard to get hats that fit, this one is a peaked cap with earflaps in a blue tartan colour. Seems I'm a fashion trend setter, trying to weave tartan months ago and now its the fashion of the season. The LED light is great, the smallest wind up model I've seen. Has three LED's and is pretty bright for its size. Lot of folks hate the wind ups because they break pretty easy, just have to be gentle with them and there fine.

  My weaving is coming along nicely now. I set up some blue yesterday and am weaving a white square in the middle, using 3 shuttles. One of the colour joins is a little lumpy but the other one is pretty smooth and seamless. Not sure I can weave real tartan on a frame loom but I can weave something thats pretty close to it.

  Still not ordered any more fleece, will do that this weekend. I did order 50g of a blue glittery yarn though that I want to knit some IPhone socks with to sell. Also ordered another camping mug, small single wall one this time so it can be heated directly. Need a pot stand now for my alcohol/meth stove. Have made a couple out of salmon cans but want one that will fold down.

  There should be a picture post tomorrow. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures over Christmas so no pictures of that bakers boy cap or finished scarfs. I do have pictures of an earlier bakers boy cap I knitted, I'll put those pictures up tomorrow for you and I will take pictures of the 5 fold aran cable pocket moss/seed stitch scarf when I finally finish it.

  Have a great day and weekend, take care.

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