Friday, 14 January 2011

Wheelie bins

   Washed out a spare wheelie bin I have so I can fill it with water for the summer. No idea what sort of summer were going to have, hope its better than last year. 
   The big water butt is leaking, badly now. It holds 210 l and I think the wheelie bin will hold as much, maybe more, my smaller water butt holds just over 100l. I have another wheelie bin that needs a clean, I was going to use that one as a second composter but will go with  water instead.
  My main composter is a green wheelie bin, they gave them to us for garden waste. I just drilled holes in mine and use it to compost, seems silly taking them out for the bin wagon when you can make your own free compost. I also have a compost heap in a wind free corner of the garden, usually leaves and grass clippings. The wind free part was important with leaves, they make great compost but are a pain to sweep up.

  I thought I'd have the moss/seed stitch scarf finished for this weekend, I thought wrong. Very wrong. I haven't really sat down and spent much time on it really, just keep picking it up for a few rows here and there. If will be finished by next weekend though, maybe even by Wednesday.

  Not sure if I have any pictures for a picture post tomorrow, I'll have a look around my computer and see. Don't think I have anything knitted that's worth charging the camera batts for. We'll see but I don't think there will be a picture post tomorrow. I'll still post something though so call back and see.

  Hope you all have a great weekend, I think I'll have the BBQ out at some point this weekend. Take care.

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