Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wet weekend

   Its wet out today, which is good for filling the water barrel but not very good for a BBQ. It wasn't too bad walking the dog this morning but in the last hour or so the winds starting to pick up. Glad I don't have to go out anywhere in this weather today, apart from the back yard. I'm filling the water barrel with a bucket, down spout diverter pipe isn't long enough so I'm filling the small water butt and then filling a bucket to fill the new water bin.

  No picture post today. Only just realised I could of taken pictures of the backpack I knitted awhile ago. Its not fully finished, I think it needs at least one buckle sewn on and it might need weaving in in places. I'll get it finished during the week and get some pictures of it for next Saturdays picture post.

  The moss/seed stitch scarf seems to be going backwards again, I thought it was 4 foot long but is only just over three. I really need to put some time into it and get it finished. I think I keep saying that and here we are still. Oh well, Christmas is over so no real rush now is there.

  Hope you all have a good weekend, take care.

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