Thursday, 27 January 2011

Feeling the cold.

  I'm feeling much better today, my ears are still bunged up but I don't feel nauseous or dizzy. Slept past my alarm clock again, second time this week. I think its the whooshing noises my ears are making thats affecting my sleep or my alarm clock is broke, I didn't hear it go off but was awake watching and waiting. It probably went off and stopped then I woke up. Guess I'll find out tomorrow morning.

  I couldn't seem to get warm at all walking the dog this morning, it is cold and the winds biting but no worse than normal. Figure because I'm under the weather I'm feeling the cold worse. The wind seemed to keep finding ways into my coat like fingers of ice. Feel fine in the house, not really cold at all inside.

  The moss/seed stitch scarf is a couple of rows away from being finished, I could of finished it last night but wanted to leave casting off/binding off until today. I still need to measure the pockets and decide what to do next.

Have a great day, take care folks.

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