Tuesday, 4 January 2011

No tartan yet

  My mini deep fat fryer stopped working last night. It heated to full temperature then sometime before the chips/fries* were cooked it stopped working, the light remained on. 
   Only annoyed about the fact that I scrubbed it clean last night and put fresh oil in it. I'll get another one this week, the mini 1l oil ones pay for themselves pretty quick. I've had this one for ages, the last one didn't last too long so will have a look for that one to make sure I don't buy the same model. I'll also open this broken one up and see if its fixable before I buy a new one.

  I didn't do much yesterday in the way of yarn but did try drawing some tartan patterns that I think I could make. I need to test this yarn I have, its mohair type stuff and I'm not sure if the lower colours will show through. I'll do that today.

  No knitting done, I really need to get on with the moss/seed stitch scarf before I start thinking of it as a chore. Its kind of boring but also very relaxing to knit moss/seed stitch, I've done the scarf over an odd number of stitches so every row starts with a knit stitch. Its really easy and takes no thinking at all while watching some rubbish on the tv.

  Coffee is drunk, time to get on with some more weaving. Hope you all have a great day, take care.

*Adding American terms because last month 85% of hits to this blog came from the USA.

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