Saturday, 22 January 2011

Scarf end?

   Its dull and cold out with a biting wind, luckily the wind isn't very strong. Still feels like a blow torch on your ears though. I'm getting used to waking up in a cold house again, the other day was a total shock to the system. Even so I'm still not looking forward to my heating bill. I did swap suppliers before Christmas but apart from an email confirming the swap I've not heard anything since, hopefully all is well and I don't get two separate bills.

  My head and ears still feel bunged up, ears kept popping last night while I was in bed and there was a constant whooshing noise. Hurts a little but is mainly annoying. I can't hear myself speak properly so have trouble regulating my voice volume, I don't like to shout so usually I end up speaking in a whisper with everyone saying "What?" at me.

  I'm hoping I can get the moss/seed stitch scarf finished this weekend, I keep looking at it and it needs another foot all the time. It seems to be frozen where its at no matter how much I knit it. I should be able to get an hour or twos knitting done on it, then I have to see if the pockets will fit or if I need to re knit those. I've been putting off measuring them, I guess I already know the answer. Just hope I have enough yarn left.

  Have a great weekend, take care folks.

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