Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Darn knots & joins

  Knitting the moss/seed stitch scarf last night and I'm near the end of a ball, few yards of yarn left and in the middle of the row I discover a join in the yarn. Grrrr I hate when that happens. I should of unknitted the row back but was feeling lazy so have made the join in the middle of the row,very sloppy I know, I know.

  Had to cook my chips/fries last night the old fashioned way with a chip pan and basket. I did cheat and used a thermometer. It seemed to take forever to get anywhere close enough for frying and by the time it was up to heat my pork chop was a little dry. I'll be happy once I have another mini deep fat fryer. I do have two spare big deep fat fryers upstairs, well 3 really as one is a double bowl one. Not going to use those as they take at least 3 l of oil.

  I didn't get any weaving done but did have a play in mspaint to see how the colours would look together. Its a long way from looking like tartan, I need to be able to join two vertical colours without any bumps. I think the way to do it is to wrap the yarns around each other, one going under and the other going over(push down the heddle, pull up the heddle). 

   I really need to practise a lot more, its just that setting up the loom takes an age so it kind of off putting. I do want to try these yarns I have to see it they work together on a small scale seeing as there mohair. I'll have a go at a vertical line then.

  No spinning done yet, haven't bought any more fleece even though I have the cash for some. Think I'll do that tonight when I get home. 

   Think I might need a more solid table for the drum carder, all my desks and tables are pretty flimsy and on wheels. I might clear out the back room and use that as my work room for all my spinning stuff. Hmmm tidy out the back room, thats a job I'd not look forward too.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care.

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