Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Clothespin / peg bag.

    Made a start knitting the clothespin/peg* bag(from here on out it will be called a peg bag) last night, twice as I messed up my counting the first time by nearly 20 stitches. No idea how I over counted 20 stitches. I haven't written a pattern out but did a couple of drawings and made some notes, I did write out the cable panels I'll be using.

  Decided the peg bag will be knitted in the round using magic loop starting at the bottom with an inch or two of moss/seed stitch then a couple of rows of reverse stocking stitch then I'll knit the cable panels with a couple of stocking stitches inbetween. The back is going to be the same moss/seed stitch then just plain stocking stitch.

   The cables I'm using are 6 stitch rope cable (back), simple plait cable, 5 fold aran braid, simple plait cable and another 6 stitch rope cable (front). I'm going to put the slit to get the pegs/clothespins out in the middle ish somewhere, sort of doing that part on the fly at the moment until I come up with an idea. Not sure if the 5 fold aran braid panel will be wide enough but if it is I'll stop the braid and do a reverse stocking stitch row there then pick up a second yarn to knit with then do another reverse stocking stitch row for the top of the slit and carry on to the top.

  Finishing off the peg bag I'll probably put half the stitches on a bit of string and knit another inch, cast/bind off the front then knit the back an inch and sew the top together with a gap to slip a coat hanger in and leaving the side inch open to allow a coat hanger to pass through the sides.

  I'm knitting the peg bag in a blueish steel colour cotton yarn(dk), the same as used in the bookmark and bib patterns. Using a long cable with 4mm or 4.5mm needles, I forget the size at the moment. Hows all that sound? I'm open to any ideas or comments. Once its finished I'll take pictures and write up the pattern.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

*In the Uk most folks call clothes pins pegs.

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