Friday, 4 March 2011

Inkle loom

   Got some washing drying on the line, gardens still a little muddy so I'm hoping the dog doesn't flick mud all over my nice clean sheets. The mornings are still pretty cold but the afternoons are pretty warm and sunny. I started some tobacco seeds, tomatoes, little gem lettuce and some old salad/green onion seeds I found from 2009. I'm not sure the onions will all grow, onion seeds don't age very well. I could do with another propagator so I can start some more seeds and I still need to buy some potato seeds and some big pots.

  Had a play on my new inkle loom, the person who built it had wound the warp and had started weaving a little bit making it easier for me to see whats going on. Its pretty simple really but I need to work on my edges so there not to tight or as is the case not too loose. I ordered a book today on inkle weaving and am bidding on some cotton yarns so I should be able to make a real start inkle weaving next week, for now I will finish off whats already started and work on my edges and tightness.

  Got a little more done on the cable plait bookmark in variegated yarn, I'm sort of in two minds on how the cable looks with this yarn. I don't want it to blend into the background to much. I'll finish it off tomorrow and judge it then. Also for tomorrow I'll be spinning and blending more of this roving I have, I need to start thinking on what I want next, the same blend or something else then ply it all together. No rush at the moment I guess. Now the weather is improving I can start thinking about getting a raw fleece and doing the whole process myself.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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