Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Nice day again

  Another lovely day out, still a bit chilly of a night though and some early morning frosts. I've got the vets today but when I get back I'll start preparing some compost ready for some seeds. I still need to get some main crop seed potatoes and I left a packet of onion seeds at my moms I need to retrieve.

  I finished the red plait cable bookmark, thinking I need to do some Iphone socks now. My eureka thing was knitting a live Icord as a button loop, started well on one side but didn't look good on the other side. 

   I have another plan for it that might work, knit half a row, turn cast off to the middle, knit Icord, slip Icord stitches back onto the needle, knit half a row, turn cast off remaining stitches. No that wouldn't work, first part would need knitting twice, then the second part would need knitting twice too but at least that way I finish at the end and not the middle. I need to experiment.
  I did find another method for making loops for button holes that might be better, the Icord might be a little thick for a button loop so I might go with the other method. I'll still have a go at doing a live Icord though, just to see if it can be done.

  I didn't bbq the chicken yesterday but didn't eat it either so I can bbq tonight. Was thinking what I paid for the chicken I should of got a whole one and cut it up myself, heck of a lot cheaper and I'd be left with the carcass to make stock and the dog would be happy with the bits he'd get too.

  Vet time, hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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