Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Walking the plants

   Another lovely day out so I've taken the plants out into the garden for some full sunshine. I'll leave the lettuce and the spare tray with more tomatoes, lettuce and salad/spring onions out in the mini green house tonight now that its had a chance to warm up. If the temps drop at the weekend to much I can always bring them back inside. When I get a couple of hours to spare I'll put up the poly tunnel.

   I haven't gotten much else done, did a little knitting but thats it. The inkle loom is warped but I haven't touched it since Monday, I think I'll get that woven today. I got a stack of pub beer mats today that I think will make good tablets for card weaving with, my card weaving book arrived yesterday but haven't had a close look at it yet.

   I might light up the bbq again this evening and finish off the buns I have. Yesterday I did some burgers and wrapped the chicken in foil with butter and lemon juice with a few herbs and let it slowly cook off to one side, then took it out of the foil and let it finish over the coals. Not sure what herbs I used but it tasted very sweet and was really nice. Just burgers tonight though.

  Well I'm off to talk to my plants while the weathers nice. Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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