Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Chilly nights

   Getting a little better on the inkle loom, my edges are still far from perfect. I think I might now be pulling the edges in too tight, I'll watch a few more videos later and see. I got all my cotton today, pretty fast considering I bought it at the weekend. One of the balls is red crochet cotton and the others are just cotton and look about double knit, I can always knit stuff with those ones if I don't weave them. I now need to buy more crochet cotton to go with the red, I can't find a measurement apart from length on the packet so will just look for the same make.

  I'll be doing more weaving on the inkle loom today, I'm going to warp it again but this time I'll use a lot more threads so I can get a better idea on how the colours show through. With luck my book on inkle weaving should be here tomorrow or the day after, just hope I'm not picking up any bad habits.

  I got another batt spun up yesterday and will get another one done today, my batts are pretty small so I should be able to do at least one a day without much trouble, maybe even two a day. If I have time I might do some blending, I want to try and get back to using more white Falkland than the oatmeal BFL.

  Got another bookmark started, I did try and design an Iphone sock but my head wasn't co operating so I gave up and went back to bookmarks. I'll do a couple of pattern repeats and see how it is but have a feeling the border might be wrong, if so I'll frog it and go with another idea I have for a border.

  The days are lovely and warm with lots of sunshine at the moment but the nights are chilly again, last night it was down to -1c(approx. 30F). No sign of any seedlings yet, just hope there ok with these night temps.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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