Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Its frogged

   Frogged the clothespin peg bag last night and dropped the two rope cables from the design. Apart from that I will be doing it the same, couple of inches of moss/seed stitch then stocking stitch all around with two simple plait cables and a five fold aran braid cable on the front.

   Dull yesterday has turned into an almost summers day today. I've put all the plants outside and might now start leaving some of the lettuce out, now would be a good time to set up the poly tunnel me thinks or throw the plastic over the mini greenhouse I have already set up as shelving. I'll be back in the garden in a little while, I need to transplant some more tomatoes and lettuce and look at moving some of the tobacco seedlings.

  I got my seed potatoes this morning and there already chitting but I'll wait a week before I plant them and let them chit a little more. Plus theres still always a risk of frosts this time of year and moving pots inside is easy but I wouldn't be able to move the potatoes inside to be safe so its best to wait.

   BBQ for tea tonight while the weather is this nice.I got a chicken quarter before and some buns to go with the burgers. Got lettuce and onion  in already, would be nice to start eating my own grown food again but I'll have to wait. I think this winter I'll try and grow one of the cold variety lettuces.

   I'd love to stay and chat but its too nice out. Have a great day and take care folks.

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