Monday, 14 March 2011

Weaving weekend

   Hope you all had a relaxing weekend, I did. I didn't get much done this weekend, no knitting and no blending. I did get a tiny little bit of spinning done, less than half a batt. I did weave a fair amount on the inkle loom though.

   I did a check band weave in the yellow and pink acrylic yarn. No idea why I went back to using this acrylic as its a bit of a pain to weave with, guess I'm sick of weaving in shades of blue. I did use some of my new cottons, red and white. 

   The red is pretty thin so I doubled it when doing the warp and weft. With the red and white I did dashes but made the band wider, I'm used to doing 1 inch bands. At the moment on my inkle loom I have a 2 inch blue white check cross pattern. My edges are a lot better but I need to be more consistent when pulling in so the width is equal all a long the band. My starts still need a lot of work though.

   Thats about it really, slow relaxing weekend. Today I need to get the bitter bottled, 14 days to fully ferment, not sure why its been so slow but should taste great. I'll finish the band I have on the inkle loom and start another one, not sure what yet though. I really need to start knitting an Iphone sock. If I have time I'll also do a little spinning.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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