Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring has sprung

   Another nice day out, nights are still cold though with last night down to -1c(approx 30F). I think I'll set up the poly tunnel next week and start acclimatising some of my plants. Will still have to be careful of any frosty nights but they should be fewer and fewer from now on, I hope.

   Apart from the garden I didn't get much done yesterday, no knitting or spinning. I did do the bookmark on the inkle loom and warped it for another bookmark. I need to work on my starts still and my finishes as well, I'll read my book more today on the finishing section. Warping the loom for bookmarks this way might save some yarn but seems to take twice as long, though this time I was a little quicker as the holding yarns were already cut.

   I'm going to do some blending today with the carder as well as some knitting and weave this bookmark. I'd also like to get some more spinning done if I have time, if not today then I will definitely get some spinning done on Sunday. If I can remember I'll charge the batts. tomorrow and get caught up on some pictures so I can get back to doing some Saturday pictures posts.

  Hope you all have a great weekend, take care folks.

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