Wednesday, 9 March 2011

March hail

   The weathers being very changeable today, I was woken this morning by hail stones bashing my bedroom window. Its rained, suns out, suns in, suns out, suns in and so on and its also very windy. The wind feels cold but its doesn't seem to be that cold out and last night wasn't as cold either.

  Had a good play on the inkle loom yesterday, I warped it with the yellow and pink acrylic yarn instead of the cotton. I used the yellow for the edges and weft with the pink in the middle, solid double line, wavy single line and a few dashes. My edges still need work but are already looking better. I think when I use the cotton there will be a big improvement, this yarn tends to stick together in places when opening the sheds.

  I didn't get any spinning done yesterday but started another bookmark, I frogged the last one as I didn't like the border so am going with an all round moss/seed stitch border. I want to put pen to paper today and make a start on some Iphone socks, I need to knit a couple of swatches as well to sort out there sizes. I have several ideas for designs, think that might be my problem, instead of working on one I have too many floating around my head. I need to let them out.

  So todays plans are to play some more on the inkle loom, spin a batt, knit a little on the new bookmark, design and start an Iphone sock. If I can get half of that done and I'll be happy.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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