Friday, 11 March 2011


   The hot water tap in the kitchen has developed a slow drip. Its probably an easy washer change but a year or two ago I had to swap the cold water tap as it was dripping and the internals where pretty messed up. So I have a nice new hot water tap just sitting around I may as well just change the tap. Its an easy job, or it would be an easy job if the cupboard and shelf wasn't in the way and turning the water off was apita last time. Normally I wouldn't be in any rush, its a very slow drip at the moment but I'm on a water meter and those drips soon add up. Slowly, very slowly.

  Not having much fun knitting the last couple of days, I keep making mistakes and some of then are very simple stupid ones. Its annoying and very frustrating. I might take a small break from knitting and concentrate on blending, spinning and weaving for a little while. Or not.

  I sort of messed up warping my inkle loom yesterday, I was aiming for a checked pattern but ended up with a stripped pattern instead. It does look pretty good though and its all practise and I need that. I also missed picking up all the warps on one pass and have ended up with a c shape but its given me an idea to do it on purpose seeing as its only a practice piece. Instead of stripes I'm going to do a few squares for the last bit, its nearly finished now but will give me an idea on pick ups.

  I got my inkle weaving book today so will have a good read of that and have a go at a few more patterns and work on my starts and edges. The cover has a great looking pattern I really want to try out but I might have another go at checks first. I think I know what I did wrong to get the stripes.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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