Friday, 18 March 2011


   Ordered some maris piper seed potatoes today, there a main crop that make great chips(most chippies use maris piper). I'll get them started beginning of next week. My little gem lettuce is coming up great, got a couple of tomatoes coming up too and my tobacco is sprouting as well. No salad onions yet though, wasn't sure if they would or not as the seeds were a little old. Once I transplant the tomatoes I'll plant some more salad onions seeds but use a fresh lot.
  Edit to add I've just transplanted some tomatoes and lettuce to pots,its nice and sunny out so didn't want to sit inside writing this.

   I warped the inkle loom to weave a book mark in a check pattern, the warping took forever and I haven't started weaving yet, I'll make a start on that later today. I think the way I've warped the loom should make an ok sized bookmark and don't see that I'll run into any problems though being new to this I might have overlooked something, time will tell.

   I didn't start an Iphone sock yet but will do soon, promise. I only got a few rows knitted on the clothespin peg bag, I forgot how tangled up you can get knitting in the round. It will be easier once I have a couple of inches knitted.

Off back in the garden now, hope you all have a great day,take care folks.

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