Saturday, 5 March 2011

Council waste

   Got a letter from the council this morning regarding some waste thats been dumped outside my property(not by me) so have been hunting an email address to contact the "assistant waste awareness officer". And folks wonder why there council tax bills are so high. Sent a general email to the help desk because I couldn't find any other email addresses, it must be nice to work a 9 to 5 Mon to Fri job and have all the weekends off.

  The weathers dull today and I don't think it will brighten up like its been doing the past few days, its chilly as well. I'm starting to wonder if I've jumped the gun a little with my seeds. Maybe I should of waited another week or two. Time will tell I guess, they are indoors but the house gets chilly too.

  Today I'm going to be blending and spinning mainly with a little knitting to finish up this bookmark. I'll also start another bookmark in sock yarn with a five fold cable, I need to get some smaller needles, 2mm would be nice I think. I also want to do some more work on my inkle loom, have a hunt around my yarns to see what I have and maybe set up the loom myself. I might leave that until tomorrow, I'm in the mood for blending today.

  Hope you all have a great weekend, take care folks. 

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