Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wrong pockets

   Its lovely out, a bit windy but warm and sunny, expecting winds to increase to about 60mph here probably tonight. Was warm last night as well, I didn't need to put any heating on. If its not too windy around teatime I might fire up the bbq, just for a some burgers.

  The pockets don't fit the moss/seed stitch scarf, I knew they wouldn't so was ignoring the problem hoping I could stretch them out. Not a chance so will buy some more yarn this weekend and re knit the pockets. Not too bothered if the dye lots are slightly different, worse comes to worse I could over dye the hole scarf. Being cream dyeing it should be easy, might even hide some of the dirt the scarfs picked up from my hands during knitting, it looks very ingrained.

  I finished the two tone slip stitch coloured swatch yesterday. The yarns very icky to knit with, some sort of fake mohair stuff but the colours look good. I'll try and get pictures for Saturday and do the post about slip stitch colour work.
   I've been thinking about doing another swatch in two colours but try doing it in the round,in my mind it seems simple enough but once tried I might run into a problem. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  Have a great day, hope things are warming up for you folks in the States. Take care.

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