Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bye bye Mr sunshine

   Well that nice sunny weather didn't last long. Rained over night and this morning it was pretty chilly, probably felt colder than it really was. I might need the heating on tonight, haven't had it on for a couple of days now. Trying to cut down my usage to make up for the heavy use at the early start of winter.

  My internet connection has been fixed, it kept cutting off yesterday while they fixed a fault in my area. I'm hoping this will improve the speed, I don't like 2mb when I pay for 10mb. How did we cope when we only had phone lines to connect?

  The socks coming along slowly, I wasn't in the mood yesterday but did manage to do a bit. I'll get more done today,if I remember rightly I think it takes me about two weeks to finish a pair of socks. I really like the colours in the yarn I'm using, greens, browns and teal with blue aswell. Looks better than it sounds.

Have a great day folks, take care.

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