Friday, 4 February 2011


   I was reading the magazine where I got the original slip stitch colour work from and the 3 tone check pattern was described as almost gingham like. Having no idea what gingham is I went for a wiki wander, sucked an afternoon out of my life.
   I did end up reading an interesting article on twill, well not really interesting but it gave me an idea that I could try weaving twill. Not sure it will work on a simple frame loom without a lot of messing around but I will give it a go. Oh and the gingham, I can weave that and will do when I get some cotton yarn.

  I did manage to start an Iphone sock, I call it that but its practise really. I'm trying out the slip stitch colours in the round, two tones. The major problem with it is that its curling like crazy, something that doesn't normally happen when knitting in the round. I think it might be because I'm knitting it too tight. Not really sure, sort of hoping that the Icord will sort it out.

  I was hoping to do a picture post tomorrow of the slip stitch colour method but thats not going to happen, these name brand rechargeable batts really suck. I'll post something but it wont be pictures, sorry.

 Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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