Saturday, 5 February 2011

Windy weekend

   Winds died down for now, think it will pick up by nightfall again. It looks like its going to be pretty windy for the next few days. Wet too. Getting gusts of 60 to 70 mph locally, further north they've recorded speeds of 100 mph.

  I've ordered a new book, Alden Amos Big Book of Hand spinning. It looks good and should help me prepare fleeces when I get around to it. When the weather is warm is when I want to give it a try. I also ordered 100g of bfl in oatmeal to blend with the 200g of Falklands roving I have. Not sure how it will turn out, probably a dirty white colour. I really should have another go at dyeing.

  I might set up the loom this weekend and have a go at twill, I need to have another read of the wiki article and look at the pictures. I sort of have an idea of tieing some of the warp yarns so I can raise them in 3 stages. I may be way off base here but wont know until I've tried.

  Have a great weekend and take care folks

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