Monday, 28 February 2011

Fun weekend

   Not a bad weekend really, though I didn't produce all that much. I did get some spinning done both Saturday and Sunday. I really enjoy spinning this yarn I've blended myself, it seems to draft so easily compared to single type batts I've spun before. I'm not saying its perfect but it is much more consistent and pretty thin so should 3 ply ok. Not so sure about the colours but seeing as its going to be for a traditional Aran sweater an off white, dirty light grey colour should look fine. I could dye the yarn once its all spun, I think the mix would produce some interesting results.

  I finished the plait cable bookmark and started another one with a slightly different background. I started the new one a couple of times while I tweaked the design, I really need to stop doing things on the fly. I'm doing this bookmark in a nice red colour, no idea what the yarn is though. It should easily be finished by Wednesday.

  I didn't do any blending this weekend, nor did I do any finger weaving. I did try to finger weave but had trouble setting it up where it would be comfortable to do. I did read a lot and watch some videos on tablet weaving, I really want to have ago at tablet weaving, its looks simple enough and the results look amazing. I'm going to need some sort of frame or way to hold the yarns, I might get an inkle loom or I might  try and knock something up myself.

 Hope you all had a good weekend, have a great day and take care folks.

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