Saturday, 12 February 2011

Blending today

  Its another nice warm day out, even better than yesterday. It did rain all night last night so the grounds muddy, other wise I'd have the washing on the line today. I can't put the washing on the line when its too muddy because when the dog runs around the garden he flicks mud spots all over my nice clean washing.
  If I'm hungry around 3 I might fire the bbq up, I have buns and burgers in but no green stuff apart from a little cress. Suppose I could see if theres any dandelions up in the front garden or even go the little shop. Nothing wrong with just eating meat though, theres steak and pork chops in the fridge and freezer and I have potatoes. Hmmm might fire the bbq up after this cup of coffee.

  I'm going to set the carder up today to blend the oatmeal bfl and the white Falkland tops I have, 200g of Falkland and 100g + left overs of bfl. I should be able to see whats going on clearly but think using dyed tops might of been a better idea to start with. I got the ashford book of carding awhile back and theres loads of information in there on blending and using the carder so I shouldn't have any major problems. I hope. I'm sure I'll have a lot to post on Monday about how I got on, with luck it will be a good post and not a nightmare of ripped yarn.

  Have a great weekend and take care folks.

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