Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bit of everything

  Rained hard over night, woke to drizzle and by the time I took the dog out this morning the sun was shinning. Now theres a good stiff breeze blowing and the local weather lady says there might be thunder and hail as well.

  I got the book on weaving yesterday, weaving and spinning but its mainly about weaving and seems to be very good. It was the book I was bidding for on ebay and dropped out at £18 then found it on abebooks for £0.63p. Its in excellent condition, so happy I didn't win the bid now.

  Today I want to get some spinning done and finish the plait cable bookmark. I might also do some finger weaving, get back to basics sort of thing. If not I'll get the carder out and do some more blending but think it will be the weaving today, I might even make something this time.

  I got the last issue of the art of knitting magazine today, these are the magazines I got when I first started knitting. There ok and were a great help in the beginning but because there spread out for so long I think books are better. Guess now I will be £10 a month better off so can buy more books or yarn.

  Hope you all have a great weekend, take care folks.

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