Monday, 7 February 2011

Kitchener stitch

  Its extremely windy out, makes good weather for throwing the ball several miles for the dog though. Difficult to walk in at times, lot of bending the knees and leaning so that you can stay upright and keep moving. I was only brought to a stop once and no trees fell on top of me, its helpful to keep an eye open to what could blow around or collapse on you. Being squished or impaled would be rather unpleasant I'd imagine.

  Finished the slip stitch two tone Iphone sock thingy, I used kitchener stitch to close it up. I haven't used kitchener stitch since the last pair of socks I knitted and seeing as I'm doing socks again I thought now would be a good time to practise. Kitchener isn't hard but can get a little confusing at times, I had to watch a video to remember how it was done properly. It all came flooding back pretty quick the only problem  being the fluffy yarn I was using.

  I haven't made much headway with the socks but will keep at it, think I will start another project to work along side of the socks. I have an itch to do some cable work so might do another Iphone sock in the nice blue sparkly yarn I have with a five fold aran cable. Sounds like a plan, I'll try and get that started today but it will probably be tomorrow as I'm a little busy to start something new. I will make a little time to do some more knitting on the socks though.

  Have a great day, stay sheltered and safe folks.

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