Friday, 18 February 2011

Wheres the time go

   Didn't get much done yesterday but have almost finished the Iphone sock, now its nearly finished I think it looks ok. Depending on the light and the way you look at it either the blue dominates or the green does.

  I didn't get any spinning done but hopefully will today and I'll get more done over the weekend. I'd like to blend all the bfl and Falkland roving I have but wont mind if I don't, I have plenty to spin as it is so theres no rush really.

  Going through my waste/rubbish/reclaimed yarns and theres enough to redo the Iphone sock in the fuzzy red and yellow, I like the way the colours turned out but might wait awhile before I knit this fuzzy stuff again, its a real pain to knit with and is rough on the hands too when pulling the yarn tight to make sure the joins in the round don't ladder. I think I'll knit a couple of bookmarks next.

  Not sure if where going to get snow in the next 24 to 48 hours, the sky looks kind of ominous. I was hoping to see the northern lights last night and tonight but the skies are too cloudy, oh well maybe I'll see them next time the sun hic ups.

 Hope you all have a great day and weekend, take care folks.

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