Friday, 25 February 2011

Still mild

   No sunshine today but its still pretty mild. I had a bath yesterday and for the first time this winter I didn't put the heating on, this is usually a weak point for me as I usually have the heating on full blast when I have a bath. I've gone through the figures for my gas and its looking very good, so good really I should check the math again.

  I didn't get all that much done yesterday knitting wise, I did however start spring cleaning. It will probably take me until next year to get the cleaning finished. The bookmark with the simple cable plait is coming along though, I did manage to get 3 pattern repeats done. I think I'll finish the bookmark tomorrow.

  No real plans for tomorrow but I will try and get a little more blending done and a lot more spinning. Still no picture posts even though I have a couple of things to photograph, I keep forgetting to charge the batts.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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