Monday, 21 February 2011

Nice Weekend

  Not a bad weekend, though I didn't over exert myself. I got some blending done on the Saturday and I spun some of the batts on both days. I finished the slip stitch two tone blue and green Iphone sock. I closed the Iphone sock with kitchener stitch and it went well but I don't like the corners, there a bit too sticky out. Oh well, another thing for the pile.

  I was bidding for a book on ebay, weaving and spinning, but lost the auction at around £18. Had a quick google and found the book through abebooks for £0.62p so I'm happy about that, I'll have to look here more often.

  The weathers getting cold again but no snow for me, just rain and more rain. I was sort of hoping for a little bit more snow before spring, its the kid in me. I do love the snow, but not too much. 

   I need to start thinking of getting the garden started, think another week and I should start some seeds indoors and maybe set up the poly tunnel. I need to get some more potting compost, seed potatoes and some big pots. I turned my own compost yesterday and its looking really nice, think I will have enough for all my needs this year.

  Going to start a bookmark today I think, just not sure on the design yet. I might keep it simple but complicated looking and do the five fold cable with moss/seed stitch back ground, or do a moss/seed stitch border with reverse stocking stitch background with a five fold cable in the center though that might make the book mark a little too wide. I'll let you know what I come up with, no idea what yarn I'll be using yet either.

  Hope you all had a great weekend, have a happy Monday and take care folks.

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