Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sun shiny

  Its really nice out today, sun is shinning and its warm too. I want to set the poly tunnel up but have nothing to put in it yet so may as well wait. I'd like to start some seeds today but am in two minds on whether its too early yet, I think I'll wait until the weekend and see how the weathers looking then.

  I had a go at the five fold cable bookmark in the blue sparkly yarn but its a bit of a pain to knit with so I frogged it. I'm now knitting a simple plait cable with the cotton yarn I got last week. I've never done this cable before but its as easy as rope cable and looks almost as good as the five fold. I'll use this plait cable again with the blue sparkly yarn but on a full moss/seed stitch back ground.

  Maybe bbq tonight though it still gets dark pretty early. I'll have to see how hungry I am later. Its the sort of day to spend some time in the garden so I might clean up a little out there and turn the compost again.

 Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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