Thursday, 17 February 2011

Been Busy.

    Sorry there was no post yesterday, I was busy and out most of the day. I was hoping to get some blending done today on the drum carder but wont have time. I think I can manage a little more knitting today and will get some spinning done as well. I only managed to knit about 3 rows on the sock and about 6 rows on the Iphone sock yesterday, not a very productive day at all really.

  I'm not sure I like this Iphone sock I'm knitting at the moment, I'm definitely not keen on the fuzzy fake mohair type yarn. I didn't much like knitting the red and yellow one but at least the colours on that one looked good, shame I messed up the design and kitchener stitch. I think if I use the blue for the kitchener stitch with this Iphone sock if should be easier as its the least fuzzy yarn. I could do with a needle with a much bigger eye than I usually use for seaming.
  I'll finish this Iphone sock off and see how it looks then, think I might be prejudiced because the yarns a pain to use. Then I think I'll knit a couple of book marks and plain simple Iphone socks with normal yarn and some double knit variegated yarn I have. Just to build up some stock so I have something to sell.

  I did manage to pick up some cotton yarn yesterday, not 100% sure what I will be doing with that though. I might have a go at weaving some wash cloths with it. Its a nice colour, sort of a blue teal colour I think. I'm not very good with colours.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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