Thursday, 7 April 2011

Still slow

   I've still not done anything yarn wise. Not sure whats going on, I did pick up my knitting for the clothespin peg bag last night to start doing slip stitch colour work and my mind dribbled out of my ear. By the time I'd found the instructions for slip stitch colour work and wrote them down I couldn't be bothered knitting. Thats the problem when you don't know much, forgetting a little bit can mean forgetting everything.

   I got the prym 4mm eyelets today and the green bonded nylon thread. I haven't had a go with the eyelets yet but think I might need to buy the pliers to go with them, I do have the tools for hammering them but didn't have much luck doing that last time. I'll give the hammer another go first though as I'll probably only be able to use the hammer on the other eyelets I'm expecting. The 3mm eyelets are coming from somewhere in Europe so they will take a while to get here and I've not seen any pliers in the 3mm size.

  The green bonded nylon thread is way to thin, its more of a sewing thread. I can weave with it and it would probably look good though take a week and a day to do anything. This thread size is 40, the other threads I've ordered are 30's and 20's. I hope I'm not guessing but I think the 30 and 20 will be thicker than the 40 if they use the same way to measure as crochet yarn.

  I did manage to do some work in the garden yesterday. I got about a third of my potatoes planted, I'll wait until after the weekend and see what the weathers doing to plant the rest. I transplanted another two tomato plants, I think I have too many tomatoes. I also transplanted and thinned out the rest of the tobacco, I saved a couple of pots of seedlings just in case some don't make it but think they will be fine.

  Thats all for now, I'll try and do some work with yarn today but am a little busy. Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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