Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Still no knitting

    Still no knitting done, I did manage a little spinning and I had the urge to set up the frame loom and do some weaving on that. I haven't used the frame loom in months and it shows. I'll get this piece finished and practise more, my edges and beating down need more work.

   I transplanted the tobacco plants yesterday after the rains had stopped. The weathers cooled off a lot here after the recent hot spells, I say cooled off the temps have just dropped to the seasonal average. I've got the tobacco in the mini green house, without the propagator lid on, and will bring them in over night for a few days to see how they cope.

  That's all for today, I'll try and get more spinning done and pick up the knitting needles and knit something, anything. Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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