Monday, 25 April 2011

Slow long weekend

   Well I've not gotten much done over this long weekend so not much to write about. I'm still knitting the pipe pouch, I think I'm about half way there. Only managed a little bit of weaving on the frame loom but thats because I set up the inkle loom and the shuttle for the inkle loom I've been using as a beater on the frame loom. I need some swords/beaters.

   The nylon thread isn't as thick as I first thought but is weaving up very nicely. I haven't finished the band yet but can't see any problems. I've had to use a cotton yarn to add a little colour to the band but now I have an idea on what I need to buy in nylon and there are some funky colours I can get next week, or the week after seeing as theres another long weekend coming up and loads of folks have taken time off work.

  I spent most of yesterday reading about backstrap weaving over at Laverne Waddington's site. I'm going to get some dowels and give it a go as it seems extremely versatile and looks very interesting.

  That's all for today folks, the weather is still really nice here so off to the garden I go for a couple of hours. Have a great day and take care folks. 

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