Friday, 8 April 2011

Front garden mowed

   Late post today, I've been out front mowing the garden and sorting out the bushes. I broke my clippers I use to cut the grass around the bushes so that will have to wait until I can get another pair. I might be able to fix them if I can find a larger bolt to replace the snapped plastic holding the spring in place. I'll have to do the back garden another day. I hate doing the back, the grass is terrible to cut.

   I still haven't done anything yarn wise apart from half warping the inkle loom. I love weaving but the warping part can be a pita. I'll get the warping finished today and make a start on weaving. This piece is just to test the length as I've warped the loom differently.

  I got the black bonded nylon thread today, it looks a lot thicker than the green stuff but I'm now not sure how it will weave. I might need to try normal nylon thread instead of the bonded stuff which looks more like plastic. I'll have a go with the bonded nylon at the weekend and see how I get on. Is normal nylon thread rot proof??

  I think I'm going to fire up the bbq in a little while seeing as the weather is really nice toady, warm and sunny with clear blue skies. I haven't got much in meat wise so might have a go at doing hotdogs. Never cooked hotdogs on a bbq before, if I mess up the dog will be happy.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks. (There might be a inkle picture post tomorrow)

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