Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Baked brains.

   Another wonderful warm sunny day over here. I've had to take all the plants out of the mini green house as the temps are close to 50c / 120f with the door/flap open and its not even close to the hottest part of the day yet. Outside temps are just over 20c, about 70f, a fair bit above the average for this time of year. I like these temps, I don't like it hotter though so hope summer isn't going to be a scorcher, above 85f and I start to wilt.

  I got a few more rows of knitting done on the pipe pouch, think it will be finished around the weekend. Its turning out more uniformed than I imagined considering I'm using two variegated yarns and slip stitch colour changes. The colours changes on the yarns are pretty long so guess thats why.

  The weaving is coming along, I think changing over to the bigger frame loom hasn't affected the scarf as badly as I had thought. I have figured out that I pull my edges too tight though, the weave along the edges is much smaller than the weave in the middle. Not sure it matters much because its the same all the way so looks like part of the design but in future I'll try and keep the weave the same size along the rows.

   Still waiting for my ebay goodies of buckles and nylon so that I can do some weaving on the inkle loom. Figure they will be here tomorrow or the next day. I've also ordered a book on boat building not that I'm planing on building a boat any time soon, I don't have the room in the front garden and building in the back I'd need a massive crane to get the boat out. Its nice to dream though and maybe I can rent some land and build myself a nice 48 foot blue water sailing cruiser to live aboard and travel the world. Man I think this sun has got to my head and baked my brains.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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