Thursday, 14 April 2011

Still no joy

   Well the bonded nylon weaving isn't working again, not that I thought it really would. No idea why I tried again, guess I don't like to be beaten. I think I can use the bonded nylon as an odd strand in my normal inkle weaving and maybe as the weft. Its not strength I'm after, the cotton once woven is pretty strong stuff, I want something thats rot proof. Though the bonded nylon will be better abrasion resistant so a few strands in some weaving might be useful. I can always use it for sewing with as well, and probable fish with it too.

  Still no knitting done, if I'm not careful I'll forget how soon, and I didn't do any spinning yesterday either. I did do some more weaving on the frame loom, I needed to take a break from the bonded nylon on the inkle loom. My edges still need a little work on the frame loom but there fast improving and I think the next piece will be fine.

  Not sure what my yarn plans are for today, the frame loom needs finishing off and the inkle loom still has the bonded nylon on it that I should try and get finished. I should do a little spinning or I'll never get around to knitting myself a sweater with my own yarn. Talking of knitting I really need to start something or even just knit a few rows of what I have on the needles. Two socks and the clothespin peg bag are currently on the needles so I have no excuses for not knitting. I think I'll start something small that I can finish in a day or two to get me back into knitting, a iphone sock or a bookmark maybe.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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