Monday, 11 April 2011

Bonded nylon

   Its raining and very dark out, haven't had much rain in the last month or so so its kind of nice. I've managed to kill all my tobacco transplants, I put them in the mini green house while they were still in there propagators and they've wilted. Think they over heated being so young. I have some seedlings left that can be transplanted so alls not lost and I still have some seeds left as well.

  I had a go at weaving the dogs collar in the bonded nylon thread without much luck. It will weave even though its very slick but the main problem with it is that it feels nasty and plastic. So back to the drawing board to find a suitable strong rot proof thread. I'll try and get some normal unbonded nylon as nylon seems to be what is used in making dog collars, if I can't I'll have a go with cotton. Cotton is strong enough but isn't rot proof so I'm not sure how long a dog collar made of it would last.

  Thats all I really managed to do this weekend fiber wise. I am planning to do some spinning today, the tobacco plants will have to wait until the rain stops for me to transplant the new ones. I really need to knit something as well, I haven't knitted for about a week.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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