Wednesday, 20 April 2011


   Walking the dog this morning over the top field and its a sea of yellow with dandelions. There looks to be more dandelions than there are blades of grass. Give it a few weeks and that sea of yellow will turn into a sea of white until the first winds blow then the air with be clogged with chocking seeds. I still love to kick the seed heads though.

   I got a few more rows knitted on the pipe pouch. Its pretty stiff and at times hard to knit, I really should of gone with the 4mm needles instead of the 3mm ones.
  I didn't do a lot of weaving, a couple of inches but with weaving its so much quicker. I'd like to get this scarf finished and put something else on the frame loom while I'm in the mood for weaving.
   I really need to get back into my spinning as well, I haven't spun in a while and have loads to do. I honestly don't think I'll be wearing this jumper for winter at this rate so might knit myself something smaller with my own homespun yarn. A hat maybe or gloves.

   Its another day to be outside so I'll finish here, don't want to be sat at the computer all day while the sun shines. Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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