Saturday, 16 April 2011

No pictures

   Well I was hoping to do a picture post of some bookmarks I made on the inkle loom but the camera seems to have messed up big time. All the pictures are funny colours and look like there traveling at 100mph.

   I've just ordered some what I hope to be plain nylon thread in black, if this is the right stuff it will make it easier to search for. I also ordered some buckles and I'm bidding on some military type buckles as well. The military buckles will make belt weaving easy, no holes/eyelets needed. There not easy to find as buckles over here though unless there already attached to a belt.

  This weekend I want to see if I can complete the scarf I'm weaving on the frame loom, I think I should be able too. I'll get some spinning done this weekend and maybe think about getting some knitting done.

  Short post today, sorry about the no picture post. Hope you all have a great weekend, take care folks.

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