Saturday, 9 April 2011

Inkle loom pictures.

My inkle loom.
      As promised here are some pictures of some of my first inkle weaving bands.

Blue inkle bands

You can see I need to work more on neatening up my edges.

  The blues were woven with a job lot of cottons I picked up cheap on ebay, great for practising.

Red inkle bands
The pink and yellow bands in this picture were woven with some wool I had lieing around, wools not great for weaving with for a beginner. 
 These two bands were 
my first ones.
The red cotton is pretty thin stuff, no idea what the size is. I double up the red cotton for weaving. The white cotton is a good thickness but I have no idea on that size either. Both are crochet yarns.

Inkle loom in use
  The inkle loom being used. You can see the changes to the sheds being open and closed by looking at the middle band, thicker in the top picture and thinner in the bottom picture. You can see the reds and whites change too, this is how the pattern is created.
Inkle loom in use
  Last couple of pictures, click any to enlarge.
blue inkle bands
red inkle bands.
  I'll take better pictures of the inkle loom in use when I have time, side on so you can see whats happening.

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