Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What next?

  Sorry about no post yesterday, I upgraded my operating system and firefox browser and spent an afternoon messing around with that. I'm not keen on the new firefox so have also been messing around with other browsers. I'm not keen on how the new unbuntu os looks either but I can at least make it look like the old ubuntu.

  I've finished the tobacco tin pouch, well its pretty much finished. Its all sewn up but needs weaving in as well as a button and a button loop, also will need a long Icord too. I made a start on sewing up the pipe pouch as well but was interrupted so still need to finish that and weave it in as well. Now I need something new to knit but at the moment I have no idea what.

  I'm over half done on the inkle loom, had a couple of problems with the tension bar coming loose again. I should get this finished today or tomorrow at the latest. Next on the inkle loom I want to see whats the longest piece I can make, I'm thinking of making a insect guard thingy for the door instead of the long plastic strips I have hanging now. I'll need more cotton if I can weave the right length, I need more cotton anyways.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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