Monday, 2 May 2011

Tobacco's on the march

   Not much done this weekend but I did buy Respect the spindle video from interweave for 10 cents/7p and watched that on Sunday. Respect the spindle was the first spinning book I bought and theirs loads of information and detail in there. I have one complaint about the video and that was on the plying section, Abby didn't mention which direction you should ply compared to your singles which might be a problem for newbies. For 10 cents/7pence I'm not complaining, I'm very glad I have the book though, much more information in there.

   I'm planting the tobacco out today, or at least the big ones. Its nice if you don't see your plants for a day or two then come back to a couple of monsters. I was starting to think they had all stopped growing but I guess a watched pot never boils.

  Short post today, got to get on with the tobacco. Hope you all had a good weekend, have a great day and take care folks. 

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