Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Poly tunnel is up

   Well I got the poly tunnel up ok, the frame was a bit of a pain and I had to put the cover on twice because the first time it was inside out. I now need to make sure its secure as there are only two ties and its all pretty light weight and flimsy. It did survive the night with 11 mph gusts but we get a lot stronger winds than that. I've got the frame pegged into the ground on one side and weighted on the other side but will need to make it more secure. The cover I'm going to put some grommets in and tie it off to the frame.

   Well I can't put the grommets in where I want them on my own, I need someone to hold the backing while I hammer the hole maker or grommet closer. I did put one in at the bottom but its useless there really. I've stuck some more duct tape on the cover to the frame, works great for now but isn't a long term solution. Hope the winds hold off while I figure out a more permanent solution.

  Nothing yarn related to report, been too busy in the garden for anything else. I transplanted some more tobacco yesterday and will get the rest done today. I did get some more nylon thread in red so now I can have a proper go at weaving a dog collar with the black and red nylons. If I have time.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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