Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tobacco pouches and leaves.

  An easy post for me today, couple of pictures of my tobacco plants and my recent knitting projects. Click pictures to enlarge.
Tobacco plant
  I've been bragging about this tobacco plant for awhile about how big the leaves were and a couple of friends wanted to see pictures.
tobacco leaf.
tobacco leaf

This leaf is second growth and approx. 6.5 inches wide by 10 inches long.




The best thing about this plant is the slugs and snails have left it alone.
Tobacco plant.
  You can see the bottom big leaf is curling, I was worried about this but theres no damage to it and it seems to curl in different directions. The curling leaf is slightly bigger than the second growth leaf.

Tobacco pipe pouch
   Just two pictures of my recent knitting. This is the pipe pouch I knitted in slip stitch colours using variegated yarns. It still needs weaving in and sewing up.
Tobacco tin pouch.
  This is the tobacco tin pouch I'm currently knitting, almost finished. You can see the two balls of variegated yarn I'm knitting with for the slip stitch colour work. I used the same yarn for the pipe pouch but opposite way around. Not sure its made any difference to the colours. On the tin pouch I've added 3 knit stitches to the beginning and end before I started the slip stitches just to make it easier for me to pull the yarn tight and stop laddering. I should get the tin pouch finished this weekend, less than an inch left to knit.

  Hope you all have a great weekend, take care folks.


SciFiChick said...

Who knew tobacco plants were so pretty? Your's sure are! I want to try my hand at growing it one day. You give me some inspiration for sure.
How hard is using two balls of yarn? Mushroom tried to get me to use it when I first started knitting... It was hard at the time, but I'm guessing not so much now?

half_pint said...

Ello scifi, from what I've read tobacco plants are very pretty once they flower.
Using two yarns is very easy with this method of slip stitches. If you can knit coloured rows and do slip stitches give this method a go. Using the variegated yarn as well makes it look even better.

half_pint said...

Check this link for basic instructions using slip stitches and plain coloured yarn.

couple of pics there too

mmpaints said...

Woohoo half pint! The tobacco looks better than mine! LOL

sheChef said...

That looks fantastic...I'm chartreuse with ENVY! Well done.