Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hello Mr Sunshine.

   What was I saying yesterday about gloves and the cold?? Today is a lovely sunny warm(ish) day, no need for a coat this morning walking the dog and the grounds already almost dry so no need for my wellies. With luck this weather will keep up and make my plants happy. My main tobacco plants biggest leaf has folded over, not completely but doesn't look good. I can't see anything wrong with the leaf, it might of just gotten too big. The leaf across from it is now bigger and longer than my out stretched hand, about the size of my head.

  I got some more knitting done on the tobacco tin pouch, I'm just under half way there I think. I'm a bit busy today but will fit in at least 6 rows(one pattern section). I'll try for two but didn't finish warping the inkle loom yesterday and want to make time for that.

  Got the washing hung out to dry on the line, first time in a couple of weeks I've managed to hang out the washing which pushed the clothespin peg bag to the front of my mind. I have found the one I was knitting and the instructions I had written down, I'm going to frog it I think even though its three inches started. Then again I might just carry on, the tin pouch should only take me another couple of days then I don't have anything else to knit. Or I might just try and weave one.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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